1. Skies 5m38s (0:07)
2. Affirmative 3m54s (5:45)
3. Iowa 1m8s (9:44)
4. Ponilon 4m19s (10:49)
5. Fawfell 2m29s (15:10)

1. Lumpish 4m53s (0:07)
2. Make Like a Tree 4m36s (5:07)
3. Utsugo 4m54s (9:37)
4. Wisftul 3m7s (14:34)



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©️ 2018 Tom Gromak. All rights reserved. Cover photograph by Efe Kurnaz. Icons from icons8. Radio samples courtesy of Paul’s Ham Shack. Special thanks to Jason BPMF Szostek, Myke Weiskopf, and Hamish the Thug for inspiring me to find my own sound and get it out into the world, and to Dave, Paul, Bill, Mary, and yes, you, Brent for your wonderful support and feedback. Nothing but gratitude.